Blows preconceptions of what is possible right out of the water” 
Fast Company reviews Social Change 2.0

“Regionally specific yet globally applicable, and backed up by a solid plan and the capability to move the solution forward”

“Saving the earth for future generations.” 
No More Trash! The Amazing Garbage-Free Family

“An exciting new approach to engaging citizens as true partners in the stewardship of resources.”

Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyles: Households as Partners in Environmental Stewardship


“What we thought was impossible can actually be achieved.” 
– Mike Lindberg, City of Portland City Council, Oregon

Social Change 2.0 wins 2009 National Best Book Award

“A very effective program for helping people achieve real and lasting carbon reduction at the household level.”
– Jenny Clad, Executive Director, Al Gore’s “The Climate Project”

Low Carbon Diet wins 2007 “Most Likely to Save the Planet” Award